Having watched DANG NETWORK MONOLOGUE of BISOLA, OLAMIDE and now a DM from a MAN who has also experience domestic violence, the issue of domestic violence on men should not be disregarded it may sound untrue to some but believe it men also get hit repeatedly.

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i don’t really know how to start, i have and have not experience domestic violence.

So i will start from the have,

  my mother, married to a man for 16 year and still counting not that it counts but have been separated for about two years now, having been different kinds of ball to her estranged husband and beaten to stupor with dents. The beat game had started earlier in their marriage.

This is the only story you’ll be getting, i just wanted to point out that

  1. Sometimes what the other gender says or do might EVOKE the Mike Tyson in you but always find yourself walking away like my beloved man in DANG DM did.
  2. Never continue with a relationship that involves violence to the point of marriage.
  3. When a marriage begins to involve violence and abuse of any type, do the walking away.
  4. Be selfish, majority of married people who crave to leave their marriage only stay because of  their children. They will cope, if you do not know you do a lot of damage to your child staying than good.
  5. There is no justification for domestic violence.

my have not is i have, having been a child that have experience domestic violence’ through her mother’s marriage. my next post will then be about THE EFFECT OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ON A CHILD.

Arguing the point – has culture and religion done more damage than good in marriage?

please go to YouTube subscribe to the DANG NETWORK, you’ll be happy you did, just has i am.



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