“Few days back a friend had ask about my happiest moment, all i know right now is that i had a lot of that but with same equal ratio to sad moment which through adaptability and survival instinct i have accustomed myself to always forget about whatever have, is and will happen to me. i build myself ( body, heart and mind) my china wall (also a red door) built for forgetting. i remember when i told my mum after about 7 years that a worker of my stepdad who had come to pick up something in the house had touch me oddly but i could not give a detailed story of what had happen, i moved on not dwelling on her reaction of disbelieve because i never expected her to believe. ( Reason for telling her after a long time will be said in the next post watch out)”

Motivated forgetting have helped but have also caused a lot of damage in the memory part, now i wish i could remember certain events clearer, to read more on this click the link

 I understand that a lot of people do not know how to survive or deal with issue like have learnt to deal with mine and still learning, i also need to point that forgetting about certain event without speaking out can damage you emotionally and  spiritually (vibe).

Image result for depressed person talking to a counsel


Talk to someone today, do not either be scared or bothered about the reaction of the listener just talk to be free and has a listener please be reminded that the person talking to you about their experience had to work up a lot to get the courage to discuss their pain with you. Your reaction counts on if they survive, do not be the next bricklayer of their depression.






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