Body shaming has become a serious issue in our society. Body shaming is defined by as being “inappropriate, negative statements and attitudes toward another person’s weight or size.” It is a form of bullying and, as well as being humiliating, it can lead to short and long term psychological and health related issues. Body shaming occurs in three main ways, criticising yourself, criticising someone else in front of them, and criticising someone else behind their back.


I had once been ignorant, and never knew my actions and words were hurtful. Maybe I did but never did I think it could kill a soul. As I have learnt the outcome of my own actions and words I hastily became repentant.


We unlearn and learn everyday.

Statistically, it has been said that 80% of humans find it hard to accept their faults and make corrections, but shouldn’t there be a limit to our ignorance and pride.

When a person either decides to be or is comfortable with his/her body and is willing to flaunt it, being comfortable with it which means their self-esteem is in check.


What is your own to belittle their boldness?


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